Smoking cutting down or quitting

Smoking cutting down or quitting is probably one of the hardest habits to break for most people. Due to the addictive substances found in cigarettes, quitting smoking instantly is definitely difficult. However, cutting down instances of smoking can help you eventually quit the habit. Starting with only one stick cut down from your usual cigarette consumption every month can be very helpful.

There are two types of addiction which make smoking cutting down or quitting hard. First, the physical addiction happens when you are being addicted to the substance known as nicotine. As a result, you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms one you cut down or quit smoking. However, there are ways which you can make smoking cutting down or quitting easier. You can resort to activities that can provide you with the same feeling as smoking such as chewing a gum or using nicotine patches.

These are called Nicotine Replacement Therapies. In addition, you have to use an anti-depressant known as Bupropion (Zyban) in order to minimize the withdrawal symptoms of smoking cutting down or quitting. You can ask your general physician for a prescription or you can stop by a stop-smoking clinic. These methods reduce your craving for smoking making it easier for you to cut down or quit.

The second type of addiction is the psychological addiction which occurs when you make cigarette or tobacco smoking as a part of your day to day activities. If you want to cut down or quit smoking, you have to change your habits.

You can also make use of other methods to make smoking cutting down or quitting less difficult such as deciding on quitting gradually or abruptly, listing reasons why you want to quit, choosing a date to quit and sticking to it, finding your support system and throwing out smoking-related items like ashtrays, lighters, and cigarettes. Instead, keep yourself busy and enjoy every minute by hanging out with your friends, going to the malls and shopping.

Smoking cutting down or quitting usually works effectively when done gradually. Thus, you have to be patient as well as determined in your decision to quit. It typically takes 4 weeks or more for a person to finally cease smoking. Although others may find it more easily and quit after 4 weeks, there are also those that take twice as long time to achieve their objective. In addition, the chance of being successful in quitting smoking gets better every time. Therefore, do not give up if you fail because eventually you will be able to cut down or quit smoking.

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